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Zhengzhou Dingshang Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Zhengzhou Shangjie Industrial Park, is the most authoritative R&D company in fertilizer equipment with 7 years’ experience in this area. Company’s registered trademark “ETA” becomes a well-known equipment brand in the industry. Our water soluble fertilizer equipment and its full set of production process is firstly used in China, and has registered patent. The compound fertilizer equipment has a well-elite technology of industry to produce soilless granulation, sans urea and improve nitrogen content. Our company sells slurry pump and other pumps.In addition, and produces organic fertilizer equipment and production line, pile-turning machine, compound fertilizer equipment, wet material crusher, cagemill, granulating disc and other fertilizer equipment, and provides one-stop service for customers in technological design, equipment manufacturing, installation and trial run, personnel training. 


Main products: organic fertilizer equipment(with the capacity of 10,000-200,000 ton/year), slurry pumps and so on.

Products include: slurry pump, organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, fertilizer processing equipment, wet material crusher, semi-wet material crusher, cage mill, urea crusher, pile-turning machine, trench type pile-turning machine, screw type pile-turning machine, self-propelled pile-turning machine, stirring mill, horizontal mixer, vertical mixer, pan mixer, bucket conveyer, straw pulverizer, drying machine, cylinder dryer, cooler, fertilizer cooling machine, cylinder spherizer, spherizer, belt conveyor, coating machine, involucrum machine, auto-packing machine, packing scale, sewage pump, trash pump and other related pump industry.    


We always keep the leading technology to provide value-added services in fermentation technology of biological species and production line technology remoulding, and gained the high praise from larger number customers 


We pioneered one-stop service under the environment of poor service in machinery manufacturing industry, we provide simple after-sales service, our customers only need call to solve all requirements from purchasing information, contract signing, after-sales service, quality complaint. 


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